Trafford Co-ordination Centre

The Trafford Co-ordination Centre is a new NHS service designed to keep people well and supported at home. Patients can be referred by their G.P., Hospital, Community Health and Social Care Services. The TCC Nurses work with other Health and Social Care Providers to support people through regular wellness calls and help them manage the circle of care around them.

The Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has produced a Fair Processing Notice which explains in detail how the Trafford Co-ordination Centre (TCC) uses information about you.

How the Trafford Co-ordination Centre uses your information

The information is only ever used for your best interests and can only be accessed by people involved in your direct care. The notice explains:

  • Why we share your data.
  • Who we share it with.
  • What it is used for.
  • What to do if you think the information is incorrect.
  • How to log your objections.
  • How to access information we hold about you

You can read more about this service on the Trafford Co-ordination Centre website (opens in a new browser window).